Benevolent Fund

In common with other Lighthouse Club’s around the world, the Lighthouse Club Macau (LCM) has as one of its objectives the provision of benevolence to the local society connected with the construction industry. To date this benevolence has been in the form of financial support to those in need as a result of hardship brought about by an accident in construction. Notwithstanding the growing education and training in safety and accident preventative measures being taken, accidents continue to happen. By the nature of construction work exposure to accident is a greater risk than in other business activities. Whilst it is likely that workman’s compensation insurance is available in the event of someone suffering an accident, payment of this may take time and during the interval hardship can be suffered by the victim and, in the event of death, by the victim’s dependents. Bridging of this hardship can be achieved by the giving of money from the LCM Benevolent Fund. The funding of the LCM Benevolent Fund comes entirely from LCM membership subscriptions, organised events and from donations made by corporate sponsors and by individuals. The main fund raisers each year include the Annual Dinner and the Monthly Socials. LCM has been very fortunate since registration to have received generous donations from local companies. There have also been special efforts by individuals such as sponsored cycle rides, in Macau and overseas.

LCM is most appreciative to all members, individuals and sponsors for the tremendous support given toward the Club’s events and towards the Benevolent Fund. The Benevolent Fund is managed by the Benevolent Fund Administrative Council. This Council consists of five individuals appointed by the Board of Directors and selected for their integrity, knowledge and expertise. The BF Administrative Council acts autonomously, investigates cases presented for financial support and determines the amounts and types of assistance to be given. The LCM Benevolent Fund has, since its establishment in 2006 provided benevolent support to more than 80 cases arising from the death of the family ‘bread-winner’. These cases all arose from accidents on construction sites in Macau. One off lump sum payments, typically MOP80,000 are made and in some cases, educational assistance is given to children affected by the accident.

Everyone involved in the Benevolent Fund gives freely of their time without compensation and pays their own expenses. There are occasional charges such as bank fees but otherwise there are no overheads to be paid and in this way all surplus funds raised by the LCM events are credited to the Benevolent Fund.

To demonstrate to the Members that the Club’s finances are diligently managed the Board of Directors arranges an independent review by a registered accountant each year of the Club’s accounts. The Treasurer’s Report is presented for acceptance by the General Assembly at the Annual General Assembly Meeting.

Annual donations made by the Benevolent Fund

Year Number of Cases Supported MOP HK$ RMB
2024 2 160,000
2023 6 435,000
2022 6 440,000
2021 6 490,000
2020 7 525,000
2019 4 280,000
2018 7 300,000
2017 7 250,000 60,000
2016 8 295,000 30,000
2015 11 285,000 120,000
2014 7 170,000 62,000
2013 2 12,000 30,000
2012 4 109,000 30,000
2011 1 30,000
2010 3 80,000
2009 0
2008 4 120,000 60,000
2007 4 60,000 50,000
Total 84 4,011,000 442,000 30,000

How to Support the Benevolent Fund

There are many ways in which individuals and/or corporations can support the Lighthouse Club Macau and the Benevolent Fund, such as:

Become a Member/Renew Membership or encourage others to become Members

Annual membership subscriptions are inexpensive and all contribute to the Benevolent Fund.

Sponsor a Lighthouse Club Macau Event

Sponsorship is welcomed for all LCM events. Typically Monthly Socials are supported by a Sponsor. The sponsorship includes a direct contribution to the Benevolent Fund. Support of the Annual Dinner by the donation of raffle prizes and/or donations which supplement the cost of the event generate a surplus which is credited to the Benevolent Fund. Sponsorship benefits include the advertising of the Sponsor’s business not only within the Macau construction community but also to a wider market through“The Lighthouse” quarterly magazine of the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific to which LCM is a contributor and to which reports of events and credit to sponsors is given, often accompanied by the sponsors logo.

(Note 1. More Information on the purchase of advertising space in The Lighthouse may be obtained via the Contact Us page)

Support a Lighthouse Club – Macau Event

By attending an event you help to build the fellowship and networking objectives of the Club. This spirit leads indirectly to the support and sponsorship of other events the surplus from which is once credited to the Benevolent Fund.

Direct Individual Donation

Individual Donation to the Benevolent Fund helps to maintain the funds available to assist with more cases.

Direct Corporate Donation

Corporate Donations are always welcome and those to date have been general donations. There is also the opportunity for a corporation to make a tied donation and to specify that funds from its donation should only be released in respect of accidents on a project(s) designated by the corporation.

Organise an Event

Organise an event yourself for the benefit of the Benevolent Fund. Should you require assistance or guidance in this regard, please contact any member of the Committee of the Lighthouse – Macau.

Report a Potential Case

Should you become aware of a case that might be eligible for support by the Benevolent Fund, please contact any Committee Member of the LCM and bring the case to their attention or send us an email to the addresses: Email: or (Note 2: see Committees page for names.) Financial support, however large or small, of the LCM events and the Benevolent Fund allows you to put something back into the local construction industry from which you derive your livelihood.