The Lighthouse Club – Macau (Helping our colleagues for more than 18 years)

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The Lighthouse Club is a charitable institution with two principal objectives – to promote good fellowship and co-operation amongst members and to provide assistance to those in need and who are associated with the construction industry, and to provide assistance to their dependents where a fatality has occurred.  Lighthouse Club is a non-political organization.

The Lighthouse Club originates from a get-together at Whitley Bay, England in 1956 by some of the exhibitors after a construction exhibition in Newcastle. Amongst them, Eddie Ward suggested it would be a good idea to form a club which would meet regularly between exhibitions and continue the goodwill and co-operation enjoyed during the exhibitions.  The name The Lighthouse Club was chosen after the Saint Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay.  The first Lighthouse Club branch in Asia was established in Hong Kong in 1986.  Now the world-wide membership is in the thousands, with a wide cross-section of people associated with the construction industry being represented.  The Lighthouse Club – Macau was registered in October 2005.  Ordinary membership is open to all individuals connected with the industry.  Membership is also available to non-industry persons and Corporate Membership is open to all corporate bodies connected with the construction industry.

On the corporate front, the Lighthouse Club provides an opportunity for a company to be recognized as a proactive supporter of safety in the industry and the provision of assistance to those directly affected by accidents.  The Lighthouse Club also provides companies with an ideal networking opportunity through participation or attendance at the various functions, seminars and forums held throughout the year.  Corporate Membership in the Lighthouse Club – Macau entitles companies to nominate up to seven Nominee Members to the club.

The Lighthouse Club Macau has set up a social calendar with events and functions taking place throughout the year.  Every month a social ‘get-together’ is arranged in a convenient hostelry – and include sponsored drinks and snacks.

The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund benefits from the proceeds of all events and functions organized by the Lighthouse Club.

In the Asia Pacific Region the Lighthouse Club has branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Kuala, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia.  Worldwide there are other branches in The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland and Dubai.

Please see the link ‘Magazine’ to view editions of ‘The Lighthouse’, which is the magazine for the Lighthouse Club International.

The Lighthouse Club chose as its motto “Aliis cum Humanitate” (in Latin) which translates as “Humanity to Others”.

The Macau Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund is devoted to those in need within the local construction industry.  The Fund will provide financial assistance to victims of serious accidents or illness and to their dependents where a fatality has occurred.

New members are always welcome.