Sponsorship of Events


The Lighthouse Club – Macau welcomes sponsorships for Social events.  Sponsorship dates in 2024 are still available.


Sponsor a Lighthouse Club – Macau Event

Sponsorship is welcomed for all LCM events.  Typically Monthly Socials are supported by a Sponsor.  The sponsorship includes a direct contribution to the Benevolent Fund.  Support of the Annual Dinner by the donation of raffles prizes and/or donations which supplement the cost of the event generate a surplus which is credited to the Benevolent fund.

By sponsoring a LCM event the awareness of the Sponsor’s presence and capabilities can be raised not only within the Macau construction community but also to a wider market through “The Lighthouse”  quarterly magazine of the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region to which LCM is a contributor and to which reports of LCM events are recorded and credit to sponsors is given, ofthen accompanied by the sponsor’s logo.

(Note 1.  More information on the purchase of advertising space in “The Lighthouse” may be obtained via the Contact Us page.)

Benevolent Fund

The Lighthouse Club Macau (LCM) has as one of its objectives the provision of benevolence to the local society connected with the construction industry.  To date this benevolence has been in the form of financial support to those in need as a result of hardship brought about by an accident in construction.

The funding of the LCM Benevolent Fund comes entirely from LCM membership subscriptions, organised events and from donations made by corporate sponsors and by individuals.  The main fund raisers each year include the Annual Dinner and the Monthly Socials.  For more information on the LCM Benevolent Fund see the section titled ‘Benevolent Fund’.

Interested in sponsoring an event in 2024/2025?  If so, please contact us via the ‘Contact’ page, or direct email to info@lighthouseclubmacau.com for information on sponsorship.