LCM Committees for 2022/2023

At the LCM ACM held on 9 March 2022, the following officers were re-elected/appointed.

Board of Directors (Management Committee)

Chairman                        : Keith Buckley

Secretary                        : Carlos Tang

Treasurer                        : Irene Lei

Membership Secretary      : Gloria Lui

Social Secretary               : Christopher Chang

Co-Opted Member            : Brenda Choi

Supervisory Board (Fiscal Committee)

President                          : Forest Tang

Vice-President                   : Leonel Borges

Secretary                          : Ricardo Martins

General Assembly Board

President                           : Fernando Freitas

Vice-President                    : William Matthews

Secretary                           : Julia Herold

Benevolent Fund Administrative Council

Chairman                           : Billy Mok

Secretary                           : Jose Silveirinha

Treasurer                           : Jose Isles

Member                             : Irene Lei

Member                             : Forest Tang